Mochi, Microwave Style

Microwave Mochi

Ingredient 1 Batch 1 Batch
mochiko ½ cup 80g
water ½ cup 120 ml
sugar (optional) ½ Tbsp. ½ Tbsp.
potato or corn starch as needed as needed

Mochi, a soft, chewy dough made from a type of rice flour, is the central component of many Japanese confections. This quick-and-easy modern version takes advantage of mochiko flour and a microwave. We also have a boiled version.


  1. Prepare the surface you will use to work with the dough (a cookie sheet or cutting board, for example) by dusting generously with potato or corn starch to prevent it from sticking.


  1. Mochi ingredients after mixing Mix ingredients.
    In a small, microwaveable bowl mix the mochiko, water, and sugar (if you’re using it); stir with a wooden spoon until smooth.
  2. Cover and microwave.
    Cover the bowl loosely and microwave on high for 50-60 seconds (in a 1200W microwave), until the mixture becomes half-transparent. Wet the wooden spoon and stir until smooth and well blended. Cover again, loosely, and microwave for another minute.
  3. Mochi dough ready for shaping Turn out and shape.
    Wet the spoon again and scrape the dough together, then drop onto the dusted work surface you prepared. Coat your hands with starch so it doesn’t stick and dust the dough as well, then shape and separate into pieces of the size and shape you need. Be careful; it will be very hot.


  • Mochi is properly made from mochi rice that has been pounded into a soft dough. This quick and easy microwave version uses mochiko, which literally means “mochi flour.” Mochiko is made from a the same variety of rice; it is also known as sweet rice flour or glutenous rice flour, to distinguish it from komeko, which is made from standard rice. In most parts of the US mochiko is available at any supermarket that has even a small Asian food section.
  • The basic ratio of mochiko to water is 1:1 when measured by volume. Adding more water will result in softer mochi, and less water will be firmer, so it’s easy to adjust to your taste once you get a feel for it.