About This Site

Salmon and rice

This site is a collection of my favorite recipes, tested as many times as it takes to get it right. The recipes are gathered from around the world, but filtered by a Japanese palate, meaning lightly-sweetened desserts and a selection of Japanese home cooking favorites. The commentary that introduces each recipe are from my American husband, to offer a little non-Japanese perspective.

Measurements for all recipes are available in both metric and English (US) units, though some recipes were designed with one or the other in mind; if so, it will be noted on the recipe. For confections it’s almost always best to use the metric version with an accurate kitchen scale, which leaves the least room for error. Also note that the English units listed are US, not UK, with 1 cup assumed to be equal to 240ml; if your measuring cups and spoons are UK, you’ll want to use the metric version.

Most of the recipes here don’t specify unsalted butter because it really isn’t necessary unless you’re picky about salt. If you have unsalted butter on hand, it would be the better choice for most recipes here where it isn’t specified, but if not, salted butter will turn out an acceptable product.

I hope you enjoy these dishes as much as I and my husband do. I’m always keeping an eye out for ways to improve things, so in addition to the new recipes that are periodically added old recipes occasionally get adjusted as well.

Our friend Yumi has helped us out with a variety of traditional Japanese sweets; recipes where you see Niccolin the pig in the bottom corner come from her kitchen.

Feel free to send me an email if you have questions or comments on anything.